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Feel free to use the provided form to send us a message. It's like writing a letter, but way quicker! Just type in your name, email address, and your message. If there's a specific department or person you want to reach, let us know, and we'll make sure your message gets to the right place. Don't forget to double-check your email address so we can get back to you.

Calling Us at (806) 557-3535

Sometimes, talking is the best way to communicate. If you prefer a friendly voice on the other end, give us a ring at 806-477-2155. Our team is ready to assist you with anything you need – whether it's information about our services, a project inquiry, or just a chat about construction!

Why Reach Out?

We're here to make your experience with K3 Construction as smooth as possible. Whether you're a potential client, a partner, or someone curious about what we do, we value your input and questions. Your feedback helps us improve, and your inquiries help us understand how we can better meet your needs.

We Appreciate Your Time

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping in any way we can. Your interest in K3 Construction means a lot to us, and we're committed to providing you with excellent service. Talk to you soon!

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